PAULA HUNTER is a choreographer / performance artist whose weird, autobiographical work has entertained audiences since the 80's.

She began her career making abstract group dances but abruptly switched gears one evening when she impulsively improvised a quirky solo dance while telling a story about her father meeting his bookie at the car wash. She never turned back and continues to link her personal and always quirky movement style to storytelling that features her strange outlook on life, something she acquired growing up in the Midwest amongst a group of eccentrics.

A Michigander by birth (MFA UMICH), a Rhode Islander by transplant. Proud winner of a 2014 PELL AWARD. She's twice won the RI Choreographic Fellowship. She founded JUMP! -- a youth dance company -- in 1999 to teach kids to choreograph.

Lots of places including: DTW, PS 122, THE KITCHEN, DANCE UMBRELLA/Austin, Texas, NOW/DANCE FESTIVAL, CHASHAMA, SUMMER IN THE SQUARE, MOVEMENT RESEARCH, DIXON PLACE, RISD. Some theatre in San Francisco, places you've never heard of, a church basement in downtown Providence...

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